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Hobonichi Cover Mod

Angie P

Hobo Mod : lafinduglobe

So, with my first 2016 Hobonichi order, I bought the planners but opted out of getting a cover. There's one I have my eye on that is being released in October but the other ones weren't speaking to me. 

I decided to revamp my current Highland Blue cover that was a part of the 2015 lineup. The cover has a blue exterior and a green interior. While I liked the color combination, especially the green, it felt a bit boring to me. I noticed that it matched a vintage large postcard that I had just sitting around in a drawer so I rounded the corners of it and stuck it under the clear cover-on-cover that came with it. You can see the bottom corner was rounded a bit too much but thankfully it matches almost perfectly to the cloth cover underneath. 

The cover feels completely new to me! I love all things nature-y and I can't wait to use this once my new planner arrives!