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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Let's talk about fine-tipped gel pens : order.

Angie P

I've talked about my love for fine-tipped pens before and my quest for pens thinner than the US .5 tip. I decided to try out as they carry a ton of gel pens with various tip widths. I ordered a handful of pens ranging from .28-.5 in greens, browns and a few golds. I also decided to get a proper pen case to throw in my bag. 

I also had some gift card money on my Amazon account so I decided to try out the Pilot Coleto Me and multicolored .4 inserts for it. 

Pens and case : lafinduglobe
Pens and Case : lafinduglobe

Below is a quick writing test I did in my Hobonichi. The headers are written in what was my thinnest pen, a Uni-ball Vision Needle pen. As you can see, the pens I ordered from are much thinner than it. The United States just doesn't grasp, or seem to care, about fine-tipped writing. Why is that? I understand that Asian characters need a finer tip but a nice thin line can be appreciated by any written language. Whatever.

Pen test in Hobonichi : lafinduglobe

Every pen works flawlessly and I'm very happy about how well the Frixion pens work and erase. They erase due to the friction (hence, their name being Frixion) of the included rubber 'eraser'. The Coleto is really handy and will be of great use when I can only carry one pen with me and I have the option of 4 colors. It's a sophisticated version of those multi-colored pens we all had as kids. 

I honestly don't think I'll ever purchase a pen again in stores like Staples or Target. JetPens offers free shipping when you order $25 and up...and $25 gets you a lot. Did I mention that the shipping was incredibly quick? It arrived two days earlier than the day they told me it'd be delivered.