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New Pen : Midori Brass Ballpoint

Angie P

Midori Brass Ballpoint : lafinduglobe

While I love using fountain pens in my Midori and Rhodia journal, when it comes to my monthly calendar, I don't want to use fountain pens. There is a drying time associated with fountain pen ink and I usually write quickly as events and deadlines come up.

Brass Midori Pen : lafinduglobe

What drew me to this pen was that it was a fine-tipped ballpoint. It's the perfect size for filling in my monthly calendar. I can easily fit 3-4 things per day depending on how in depth I want to write.

Brass Midori Pen : lafinduglobe

Aesthetics also played apart in purchasing this pen because it looks cool. I l how the brass looks with the leather Midori. I also quite like the bullet shape of it when it's folded up. It's very compact and can be stored at the top of the midori through a pen loop (also Midori brand). 

Midori Brass Storage Solution : lafinduglobe

I even purchased one for my boyfriend and he loves it. It looks really slick in a breast pocket and he's already gotten compliments on it at work.