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New (bargain) Pen : Pilot Kakuno

Angie P

Pilot Kakuno : lafinduglobe

Amazon gift cards = making frivolous purchases. I have wanted to try out the cheap Pilot Kakuno for some time now. I mean, look at the logo; there's a smily face on it. Never mind the fact that this pen is directed towards children. It's super cute and doesn't look that childish, right?

I'm obsessed with all things orange so that's the color I went with. It does come in other colored caps and some have white bodies versus the dark gray.

Pilot Kakuno : lafinduglobe

The pen is light and I quite like it's shape. The hexagonal body prevents it from rolling away. (In case you're wondering, the background is a vintage postcard.)

Pilot Kakuno : lafinduglobe

What drew me toward the Kakuno was how minimal it was. There's no frills and I have no problem throwing it in my bag with my Traveler's Notebook. It came with one dark blue ink cartridge but I purchased a pack of green Pilot cartridges. I'm on a green ink kick at the moment.

Pilot Kakuno Nib Macro : lafinduglobe

I went with a fine nib and it's actually much more fine than my TWSBI 580 nib. Also, look at that smiley face! If this pen is for kids then I don't want to be an adult. 

Pilot Kakuno Hobonichi Test : lafinduglobe

I am happy with this purchase and I'll definitely buy more in the future. You can't go wrong with this. It's definitely a great beginner pen for those who are interested in writing with a fountain pen. It rivals the Lamy Safari and Jinhao 159 that I've already blogged about.