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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


#listersgottalist : Days 1-3.

Angie P

So, I think I'll post every Sunday to show my progress with May's #listersgottalist prompts. There's only three to show this week but next week will have more, obviously. 

listers gotta list : lafinduglobe

Here's the deal, I don't have a journal/scrapbook style because this is new to me. So, I just grabbed supplies that I had (washi tape, stickers, magazines, paper, glue stick and scissors) and just went for it. The insert is being kept in my Blue Edition Midori Traveler's Notebook. 

Day 0: This just shows all the prompts for the month and I decorated it with my FAVORITE carnival ticket washi tape, black and white patterned tape, and emoji stickers. The label that May 2015 is written on is from the dollar spot at Target, it's like a canning labeling sticker. Stickers you put on mason jars after you can jelly or the like.

Day 1: The prompt was to list the reasons why I love to list. Considering this is the first time I've journaled in LIST FORM, I couldn't really answer it. So, I explained why it seemed like a good idea to try this type of journaling. 

listers gotta list : lafinduglobe

Day 2: The prompt was to talk about the best advice I was ever given. I went the amusing route and talked about my gym teacher and how this quote still comes to mind over ten years later. I feel like, in life and as an adult, you have to talk to and get to know so many people in a work setting that you otherwise wouldn't want to get to know. I always try to be nice and act interested and sometimes this quote plays in my head. LOOK ALIVE ANGIE. Supplies used on this page was some handmade paper I made in college (the speech bubble and the prompt title) and some patterned scrapbook paper I got cheap at Michaels. 

Day 3: The prompt was Moments I wish I Could Do Over. I always think about the decisions I've made and wonder if I should have done things differently. While I could have, it scares me to think about because my life trajectory could have been totally different. For the most part, I am happy with where I am at and where I am going. The supplies used on this page was a cut-out from a Design Within Reach magazine, scrapbook paper from Michaels and thick washi tape. 

Until next week.