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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Un-Dyed Trifold 'Fauxdori' Cover for Moleskine Cahiers.

Angie P

So, I sold my A5 Patent Nude Filofax. It was a beautiful binder but I've realized that 3-ring setups aren't for me. Thankfully you can get what you pay for when selling on eBay! Here's what I bought with some of the money I made from the listing:

Un-dyed Buteo Bunker : lafinduglobe

An un-dyed trifold leather 'fauxdori'!

Ever since getting into the Traveler's Notebook craze, I knew I wanted an un-dyed cover to see how it patinas. I also wanted something to use with Moleskine Cahiers because I really enjoy the Cahiers for project planning. Moleskine Caheirs are rather inexpensive, and you get three to a pack and you can find them for under $10 on Amazon. 

This cover is made by Buteo Bunker on Etsy and I am so impressed with the quality. It can hold 4 Moleskine Cahiers comfortably but you might get away with stuffing a few other things in it like a folder (which I plan on doing). I will definitely be ordering again as I have my eye on the passport size for small cahiers. 

I wrote above about how I love Moleskine Cahiers for project planning. I am going to be using these notebooks to slowly get my children's book written and sketched out. These notebooks are cheap enough that I can scribble all over and not "feel bad" about it. 

I will be updating photos in this same location (my desk's chair) to show how it darkens over the next few months.