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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


2016 Hobonichi Art Journal Begins...NOW!

Angie P

Can I just say that wanting to try out watercolors turned out to be the best decision for my creativity! I was getting burned out on only using colored pencils to the degree of not using them or drawing much of anything. Watercolors reignited my love for doodling and while I do need practice, I'm happy with how the first week in my 2016 Hobonichi art journal turned out!

I went with a Star Wars theme because it's the week the film, The Force Awakens, premieres. While I'm not a diehard fan, I do enjoy the movies and am excited to see the new one!

Hobonichi Art Journal 2016 : lafinduglobe

December 16th: BB-8, the new droid in town. 

December 17th: Chewbacca.

December 18th: Figrin D'an of the Modal Nodes. I always loved this character albeit how minor he is. Every time I look at him I can hear the music they are playing in the movie. 

December 19th: Dianoga. This is another character from one of my favorite scenes. He lives in the garbage on the Death Star and this is where Han, Luke, and Leia are stuck for a bit while the walls begin to compact the trash and threaten to squish them. While all this is happening, Dianoga is peeking his eye out of the trash-water in attempt to hunt Han, Luke, and Leia. 

2016 Hobonichi Techo : lafinduglobe