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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


My paper/pen ideals have evolved.

Angie P

I would say, like any hobby or interest, there is an evolution to products used and that is okay. Part of what makes hobbies or interests fun is trying out new brands. 

I've grown really fond of the Hobonichi Weeks as I can plan my months and my weeks and opt out of daily pages. As far as personal journaling, I had the opportunity to snag a Cafe Writer from Nanami Paper for $12 and am in love with the small size and almost 400 pages of tomoe river paper. As of right now their beta version is sold out but I do hope they make it a permanent part of their lineup. 

Things for me are just simpler now, I sold all my Traveler's Notebooks except for the dark brown one just in case I want to use it in the future. 

This Is Ground Medium :

For work I am using a This Is Ground medium with a graph paper insert and a Word Notebook (above) for list making. Again, it's simple and that is what I need right now. 

Pens I've been loving pictured with the cafe writer from Nanami Paper:

Nanami Paper Cafe Writer and Pens :

That's about it! What have you been using? Have you tried any new brands? Any suggestions?

Hobonichi 2017

Angie P

Hobonichi 2017: lafinduglobe

My first order from Hobonichi 2017's lineup has been modest. I'm a poor nursing student. I went ahead and purchased a weeks to be my planner for my first year as a nurse. It's small and thin and will be easy to carry in my bag. I purchased two stencils, the yellow being a new addition to the lineup. That will go in my weeks as it has a lot of planner related shapes. I also got the a6 mother cover because it was so cute and fun. Not pictured, I got an a5 sized pencil board for my journal which is a Leuchtturm 1917. 

I am considering one more cover but honestly, I don't like the techo or cousin. I don't use daily pages for planning and I hate to waste them; until they come out with an english techo with weekly pages, I'm sticking to purchasing the accessories only. 

Have your purchased anything from Hobonichi? 

10th Anniversary Traveler's Notebook : Camel

Angie P


The camel edition is being added to their regular lineup so there's no rush (I may get the passport size later this year) but I had to have it! I am giving my brown a break from being my daily planner and already transferred all my stuff into the camel. 

I don't know if anyone remembers but I did own the Blue special edition for a short amount of time. I sold it on eBay because I didn't like the color or leather quality. I can say that the leather on this camel edition is so so so nice. It will age wonderfully, I'm sure of it.

I added photos of the camel next to my brown so you can see the color difference. 


10th Anniversary Traveler's Notebook: Camel!

Angie P

Traveler's Notebook users rejoice: not only is this a new color for 2016, this is a permanent addition to the lineup! You better believe I'll be getting both sizes! I've been pining over the 5th Anniversary edition that is also camel colored so making this accessible to everyone is a great thing.

I'm very glad they did this considering I didn't enjoy the blue edition and sold it on eBay. 

December 24th-27th.

Angie P

Dec 24-26 Hobonichi : lafinduglobe

I'm not too big on holidays and especially holiday decorating in my journals so I decided to use my holiday candle labels as stickers. My go-to scents are Marshmallow Fireside and Twisted Peppermint. I've purchased enough to last me all year if I burn them every few months. I tried the Red Velvet Cheer scent this year and I'm not liking it very much. After the initial Black Friday stock online, I didn't see the Marshmallow Fireside in stores so I'm kind of nervous they are discontinuing it. 

Overall, this is a fairly simple spread because I just wanted to write down the gifts I received so I can remember in the future. I do want to mention that I ordered some new pens for school and I am obsessed! The Pilot Hi-Tec C Maica in 03 is an amazing pen. The tip is extremely fine but the ink flows flawlessly. I'm also convinced my handwriting looks better with pen tips thinner than 05.