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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami.

Angie P

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle : lafinduglobe



Title: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Author: Haruki Murakami

Published: Published September 1st 1998 by Vintage (first published 1994)

Genre: Surrealism

Format: Paperback

Notes: Hey, I finally used my own photo for the book cover image. Maybe I'll keep up with that!

It's so hard to describe a Murakami novel other than engrossing. If someone asks me what I'm reading (and it's a Murakami), I hand them the book to read the blurb on the back. That's how hard it is to explain!

With that said, there are so many goddamn questions I have regarding this! Most of my questions revolve around Kumiko and where she went (duh, Toru was asking the same thing!) and how she changed to the point where she couldn't ever see Toru again. How did her affairs change her? The woman on the phone in the beginning of the novel, and the woman in the dark hotel room 208...was that Kumiko?

What does the wind-up bird sound like? Anyone have a comparable sound bite?

Calling Murakami's writing surreal and dream-like is no understatement. He does it with finesse. I also always love his main characters--they're so painfully normal and he surrounds this type of character with a group of oddballs. This formula allows the main character to accomplish great things.

Also, how great was it to see Ushikawa make an appearance? We all know him well from 1Q84.

Great, just great.


Five Stars : lafinduglobe