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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


A 3 Month Update.

Angie P

My life is very much just school and homework. I go to class Monday-Friday until 3 or 4pm, on Friday's it's 5pm, and then I do homework until it is time to go to sleep. I wouldn't be able to do all this if it wasn't for Ryan helping out with dinner, laundry, and keeping the apartment livably clean. 

I am currently on Spring Break until next Monday and my first semester is over at the beginning of May.

The first eight weeks consisted of: 

  • Foundations: Health Assessment- We essentially learned how to give a full head to toe assessment, how to document, and had to do a return demo to pass the class. There were both lectures and labs.
  • Physiologic Alterations I- This class spans the entire semester and goes into pathologic processes of every major disease.
  • Cultural Competence- This class explored the provision of care to culturally and socioeconomically diverse groups. This class was heavy on paper writing and took up more of my time than it needed to.
  • History of American Nursing- This was my online seminar and I had to post weekly on the discussion board and do one final project which was an annotated bibliography on a topic of our choice. 

The second eight weeks I am working toward finishing consist of:

  • Foundations: Caring Practice- This is a lecture, lab, and clinical course. I have clinicals every Monday from 6:30am-4:30pm. I am learning quite a bit as this is my first real hospital experience as a student nurse. We have to write a care plan every week for the patient we have on Monday and it is due every Thursday. The care plans take hours to type but I am learning immensely from them. 
  • Physiologic Alterations II- This is the continuation of the course I had the first eight weeks. 
  • Pharmacology- This class will be the death of me but I am doing okay in it. Learning all the drugs, in their generic names is quite difficult. The NCLEX tests on the generic rather than the trade name so that's why, for example, I can't learn Viagra but instead learn sildenafil. The class also consists of medication dosage calculations because we have to know mL/hr, drop rates on IV pumps, etc etc. There are two 100% medication math quizzes we need to pass and thankfully I got 100% on the first so I was able to pass medications in clinical to my patient the following Monday. I can give injections now, isn't that crazy? This coming week I can help with IVs. It's all moving very fast.

Things are going well otherwise and with the weather warming up I'm able to get to where I need to be without much hassle. In the summer my clinical rotations are going to change to accommodate my Psych, Peds, and OB rotations. I'm excited for Psych and Peds (because I currently work on pediatric behavioral health unit and want to pursue psychiatric nursing) but OB will be dreadful, I'm sure. There are so many people excited for OB and I'm just like, ew no.

 Sadness from Inside Out. I've seen this movie twice (once at home, once at work) and I really love this character. 

Sadness from Inside Out. I've seen this movie twice (once at home, once at work) and I really love this character. 

I won't lie and say that I haven't had a few mental breakdowns. It's not like the material is super tough to understand, it's just so much being thrown at me. We are being tested with NCLEX styled questions and the "select all that apply" ones piss me off. If you don't select all that are right, you obviously get it wrong. It's all in the wording too, so it's a matter of really trying to understand what is being asked of you. With that said, I am doing well, above average even, but I feel like my mistakes are just stupid ones--I understand the material but I need to slow down in answering. I also need to not change my first answer choice because those are usually right and I second guess myself. It's frustrating. 

But I look at the calendar and I see that it's almost April and that's four months out of the 13 completed. Before I know it summer will be over and I'll be in the last full semester of this program. 

Movies watched: 10 Cloverfield Lane and Inside Out. 10 Cloverfield Lane felt like an extension of Walter Sobchak's character from The Big Lebowski but it was an okay movie. We used the tickets I received from work for my birthday (way back in January) so that was a nice free thing to do. I watched Inside Out again at work recently and I just love the character Sadness. Ryan got me the character for my birthday. Her sweater now holds one of my nursing pins because I have no idea where to store it. 

TV shows watched: Better Call Saul, The Last Man on Earth, 11/22/63, and The X-Files. I usually catch up on the weekends because I just don't have time during the week.

Books read: sadly, none. That's one of the sad things about this nursing program--I don't have much time for hobbies.

The goal is to resume my +/- posts at the end of April and onward. I should have more downtime in the summer to blog semi-regularly.