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Custom Nike Roshe Run iDs

Angie P

Working in a hospital where the uniform is scrub pants and anything with the approved hospital logo for a top, the only means of choice when it comes to wardrobe is my lanyard and shoes. I've never really spent a lot of money on tennis shoes but I've been wanting a pair of Roshe Runs for a while now but couldn't find the perfect kind in stores. So, I took to the Nike website and created my own. I chose black and white because I'd like to wear them outside of work and I thought they'd go nice with black skinny jeans and whatever top I want to wear (I don't wear a lot of color.) I had to pick a speckled sole and the wind-blown look on the toe. There was an option to customize a word on the back, so I picked my last name. My last name means "grass" or "pasture" in Spanish which is cool. Or maybe not. I think it's cool. 

The shoe itself is really comfortable. I especially like the ribbed soles on the inside and how the heel is a bit taller than the toe.

The only downside, and this is a personal thing, is that I got mad blisters and am still recovering from them. I am the type of person who gets blisters from every single new pair of shoes I purchase. It's to the point that I'm never really excited for new shoes because I can feel the pain they will cause me the first few weeks of having them. Despite all of that, once my blisters heal, my shoes will fit perfectly. That's always been the case.  Anyone else deal with this? I feel like everyone I know can just buy shoes and not be in pain.