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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Mackinaw City & Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping

Angie P

This was our second time (the first being three years ago to the day) vacationing at Mackinaw City and Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground. Before we even checked in to the campground, we went down to the shore (of Lake Huron) and dipped our feet in the cold water and observed the Mackinac Bridge. It was hot and continued to be hot the first night we camped. 

At first we were pretty bummed with our tent location because we thought it'd be in the same place we had three years ago. This time, we were on the sandy part of the shoreline and there were more kids than in the other area we wanted; it was more secluded and had a rocky shoreline rather than a sandy one. We decided to suck it up and actually learned to loved the view we had. Plus, it was Seagull haven and that made me happy. (I know most people find those birds annoying but I think they're hilarious and they remind me of Cleveland. And, they're cute!)

 Our first night was really hot and it was difficult to sleep. The stars were out but they quickly disappeared as clouds rolled in. This just wasn't a trip for star photography, I guess. It rained in the early morning and I showered at 6am because sleep just wasn't happening. The second night, thankfully, was a lot cooler and we were able to enjoy ourselves and sleep. We were surrounded by larger tents and RVs and despite having a modest no-frills setup, we couldn't complain. Our neighbor's giant tent collapsed while they were gone but ours didn't flinch during the windy day.

We had our (now tradition) s'mores and PBR and also had hotdogs. I hope to one day be more campfire savvy when it comes to preparing meals but that's neither here nor there.