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Let's talk about incense.

Angie P

Teepee incense : lafinduglobe

I'm a big scent person. I usually have a candle or incense burning in the evenings when I'm doing homework or when we're catching up on TV shows in the living room. I've been known to do damage in candle stores like Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works and look forward to holiday scents like the rest of the women on this planet. This isn't a post about candles though--that will come later! I will say that there's a juxtaposition between the types of scents I choose for candles compared to the scents I like in incense. In candles any scent is fair game, especially baked good scents or peppermint. With incense, I like woodsy scents like sandalwood and cedar as well as classic scents like Nag Champa.

Sometimes I like the designated burn time of incense sticks compared to candles; they burn quicker and are more potent. There's a calming effect too when I burn incense. I've gotten into the groove of burning a stick and relaxing with my computer or a book. 

I also really like how there are some fun holders out there and I really enjoy my teepee incense brick holder. It reminds me of The Indian In The Cupboard when the smoke is coming out of the home.

incense : lafinduglobe

The only con I can think of when it comes to incense is the ash they leave behind. I still have to use the long wooden holder when I'm using a longer stick and those are messy. Bricks are a nice alternative if you cannot handle the ash mess. Also, a lot of the stick holders just aren't my style and they get stored away when not in use. The orange teardrop dish (from CB2, was up for grabs at Ryan's work and since I love the color orange, he grabbed it for me) is something I've tried to make my incense look more modern. It's a process and I'm not quite there yet.

Do you burn certain scents? Do you have any suggestions for making these a better burning experience?