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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


The Stuff I've Been Into & Life Update : Mid-June 2015

Angie P

- The most notable thing that has happened is that I got a new job at Children's Hospital and put in my two week notice at the retirement community. Actually, I gave them until June 30th, which was 19 days. I'm very excited to start something new, and in a hospital environment. The perks are that I live down the street from the hospital so it won't take me but 10 minutes to walk there. I will have more hours, and less days, and I get shift differential pay for evenings and weekends. For the past few months my current job at the nursing home was draining me. My shifts were shorter and I had to work 6 days a week, twice a month, to get hours in. So yeah, I'm quite excited about this change and I'll talk about my job duties more once I start in July. Until then I have to get blood work done to see what vaccinations I need. 

Season 3 OITNB : lafinduglobe

- Orange Is The New Black! Season three finally arrived. It wasn't my favorite started off slow, was good in the middle, and ended pretty weak. Notable performances by Big Boo and Crazy Eyes. The Time Hump Saga that Crazy Eyes was writing was just hilarious. 

- Jurassic World! We saw this on the first Friday it was open (June 12th) and it was such a fun movie. The original is still better but it was nice to see the dinosaurs again. Chris Pratt is okay and I think Bryce Dallas Howard was even better. Did anyone else feel happy/proud/nostalgic to see T-Rex at the end? 

- Periscope! The app. We downloaded it and it's kind of fun. I think I'll be using it on trips and the like. I could never be a Vlogger or YouTuber but something like this is fun because it's live and people join in and comment. Add me, my username is @lafinduglobe.

2015 Yard Sale : lafinduglobe

- We participated in our neighborhood's yard sale and while the weather turned hot really quick, we made $73 in two hours. The goal was to get rid of stuff we didn't need and that took up space and we did just that. We definitely will do it every summer.

Throwback Fragrance : lafinduglobe

- Bath & Body Works released some of their throwback scents and I had to get Cucumber Melon and Country Apple. Those two scents, for me, represent early high school. And the fact that they were being sold for $3 a piece, it was a steal!

- The cats have been extra cute this month. 

How's your month going? Any plans? Any suggestions for movies/books/tv shows?