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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Spring (What's Left Of It)

Angie P

I guess I forgot how quick the flowers come and go in the spring. One minute every tree was white or pink and the next minute green leaves replaced the petals. I was actually at work the other day looking outside and it dawned on me that I didn't get any photos of the flowers. I usually am pretty good at getting a few pictures each year. So, Ryan and I took a walk to the Topiary Park and snapped a few pictures because they're almost gone.

Spring 2015 Tulips : lafinduglobe
Spring 2015 : lafinduglobe
Spring 2015 : lafinduglobe
Purp Tulip 2015 : lafinduglobe
Spring 2015 : lafinduglobe

The Topiary Park is in that weird stage where it's slowly coming back to life but still looks kind of dingy in photos. The topiary people aren't totally filled in and the pond is murky. Soon it will be pretty.