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What's In My Bag?

Angie P

Spring 2015 What's In My Bag : lafinduglobe

So, I got a new bag. I've been pretty happy with tote bags for the past five years and haven't strayed from them. I've been eyeballing bucket bags for a while now and decided to get one because the price was right. 

The bag is from J.Crew and is called the "Downing Bucket Bag". I was looking at their "Downing Tote Bag" last year when I wanted a leather tote but ended up getting the Madewell Transport Tote. They were having a springtime 30% off sale so I decided to give my totes a rest for a while (I'll always be a tote type of person) and spring for the bucket.

This bag's strap is long enough to wear cross body but the holes go up high enough to wear on one shoulder--which is how I like it. I wear a lot of button-down shirts for work and cross-body bags always open up my buttons which isn't nice. I feel like I'm the only person who deals with this. Anyone?

Anyway. Let's get to what I carry on a daily's kind of boring but maybe not?

2015 What's In My Bag : lafinduglobe

Above is a shot I like to call "Bag Vomit". You see shots like this all the time on blogs and Instagram. I had to do it. It does show how a lot can fit in this bag even though it's one of the smaller bags I own. I like the triangle-cut detailing around the base of the bag, it's a nice touch.

  • Madewell Zip Pouch that I use as a wallet and to hold my iPhone 6 Plus. I just keep it unzipped in my bag and I have easy access to my bank card and phone. I love it. I just realized that they discontinued this product and I'm bummed I don't have the brown version!
  • My un-dyed leather traveler's notebook that has my calendar and a few Moleskine cahiers for notes and sketching. I post about all my notebooks in my 'journals' tab if you're interested in seeing that. While this notebook does fit in my bag, I may switch it out with the standard sized Midori to make for more room.
  • My Midori Traveler's Notebook in the passport size. This book houses lists mostly. 
  • The smaller stuff: Gum, chapstick, iPhone 6 Plus (64gb, gold) with the brown leather iPhone case, earbuds, cat change purse (I've had this thing forever), and a pen pouch.
  • There are a few things that I switch in and out depending on the day: Kindle Voyage, a paperback, and/or my iPad Mini. 
Keychain : lafinduglobe

My keychain is by Moorea Seal in brindle cowhide. My egg keychain is by Kid Robot. The initial tags came with an Etsy order and I decided to throw them on my keys.

There you have it! I travel light, unless I have to bring some study material to work with me. I don't ever carry makeup so you'll never see me with a makeup bag. I'm pretty simple.