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Columbus, OH, 43205

"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Todd Barry at Woodlands Tavern.

Angie P

Not My Photo of Todd Barry : lafinduglobe

By seeing Todd Barry I've accomplished a goal for 2015, and a comedian goal as well. He's one of my favorites and I am so happy he comes to Columbus at such a small venue as Woodlands Tavern.

How would I describe his comedy? He's very dry and talks about every day things like restaurants, riding the subway, and normal human interactions. He's very laid back and doesn't have many outbursts or raise his voice often. He's like the buddha of comedy. 

I love his website too. There's a section called Receipt Museum that showcases his receipts from various establishments (mostly food) and little blurbs. I think it's genius. He's been on Louie, Delocated, Comedy Bang Bang!, a voice actor on Bob's Burgers and Lucy: Daughter of the Devil (one of my favorites!!), and films like The Wrestler. He's also quite active on Twitter and has a Podcast.

Todd selling merch! 

Todd selling merch! 

As for the show, we were right up at the stage and had a great view. The venue, Woodlands Tavern, is super small and has "really low ceilings...the laughs just bounce." --according to Todd. What Todd is great with, ironically, is crowd working. His last tour was named, The Crowd Work Tour. A big part of his material was on the spot, and he talked about the Arnold Classic that is currently going on in Columbus and how great it'd be for Arnold to leave that and come see him. He kept referring back to what audience members said multiple times during his bit. He's just super chill and I think that's what makes him hilarious. 

After the show he was selling merchandise and I did wait to buy a poster that he signed. I told him he was really great and he said "thank you". Quite the conversation, I know. I didn't have the balls to say that since he's such a tech savvy guy, why didn't he, or his assistant, have square hooked up to allow credit card purchases? We had to get cash back from the bar. Todd, if you happen to search yourself online, this isn't a complaint, it's a tip.

We're definitely going to see him again sometime!