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Columbus, OH, 43205

"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


+/- March.

Angie P

ROBERT DURST/THE JINX : lafinduglobe

+ New Fountain pen! It writes so nice and is fun to use for my personal journal. 

+ Todd Barry! He was so great.

+ Warmer weather. Then snow. Then warmer weather!

+ The Jinx on HBO. We marathoned it over the course of two days. SO GOOD. That ending! (Header image above is of Robert Durst.)

+ "Going Clear" on HBO. It's a documentary about Scientology. It's a crazy 'religion' and I may read Dianetics for shits and giggles.

+ Speaking of Scientology, John Travolta was shooting his film, I Am Wrath, next door at the Old Familiar Barbershop. I snapped a photo of him...the dude is scary looking in person. That hairline fools no one! (I put this under the + because it's good for Columbus.) The photo is down in my Instagram round-up.

+ I took some pretty photos of a foggy Columbus skyline

+ Phhhoto became my favorite app of the month

+ I'm currently reading Paper Towns by John Green and at 30%, it's quite good. I like it much more than The Fault In Our Stars and Finding Alaska. TFIOS, especially, had horrible fake dialogue. 

+ Ryan began actively looking for a new car. We plan on sharing the car (him using it more than me) so it's been fun but stressful. High hopes for having a new one in April.

- I got sick on my weekend off. I woke up Saturday morning with a fever and it didn't break until 4:30pm. So, that day was shot. On Sunday I did go get brunch and a Bloody Mary but by that time my weekend was pretty much over. 

- I have an exam to take this week (Thursday morning, probably.) I don't feel too confident on the material, and the professor did say this was the most challenging unit, but I'm sure I'll do okay. I never do BAD on any exam.

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