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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


2015 Year In Review

Angie P

In the beginning of 2015 I wrote a list of goals in my Hobonichi that I wanted to accomplish. I hesitated sharing them because I'm notorious for not accomplishing lists like this. I want to share my list because I am continuing the trend of writing a few in the beginning of my Hobonichi in hopes of accomplishing them over the course of 2016 and so on.

My list of 2015 Goals & how the year panned out.

  1. See Todd Barry in person. Also, more comedians in general. I saw Todd Barry on 3/5/15 at Woodlands Tavern. It was a small venue and I was in the third row. He was probably the funniest comedian I've seen to date. 
  2. Travel. At least one vacation. Ryan and I went to Mackinaw and the Sleeping Bear Dunes in August of 2015.
  3. Document in personal journal and sketch in Midori Traveler's Notebook. I bounced around from Hobonichi to Midori TN but both became a daily thing. I ended up using the Midori for my planner and daily journal and the Hobonichi for more creative stuff.
  4. Stumble upon a dead body. Obviously this didn't happen. Blame the films Stand By Me and Blue Velvet. This goal is rolling over to 2016.
  5. Listen to a variety of podcasts. I listened to a good amount. Serial Season 1, Comedy Bang Bang!, Hollywood Handbook (my favorite), and Serial Season 2 just began.
  6. Receive nursing school acceptance letter. I was accepted July 10th, 2015 and will begin January 4th, 2016. 
  7. Experiment more with photography. I did more tilt-shift photography and tried to elevate my blog posts a bit.
  8. Simplify & donate. We participated in a neighborhood yard sale, donated, and sold a bunch on eBay. 
  9. Finish unfinished art projects. I was bad about this and didn't really accomplish much.
  10. Get better about waking up early and utilizing my mornings. I got somewhat better about this but since working 2nd shift, it's been tough waking up.  I don't get to bed before 2am most days so 10am is my normal wakeup time. Once I'm in school that will all change.
  11. Go vegetarian. This was surprisingly easy and I don't have the desire to eat meat ever again. 

Reading Goal: I set the goal for 15 books and read 22. (Please feel free to follow me on GoodReads)

2015 Books Read : lafinduglobe
2015 Books Read : lafinduglobe

Other stuff (see last year's post here)

Favorite Movies Seen : The Martian, Star Wars 

Favorite TV Shows : Nathan For You, Better Call Saul, Last Man On Earth, On Cinema, The Leftovers

Favorite Books Read : The Goldfinch, The Stranger Beside Me, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, The Sixth Extinction, 1Q84, and The Troop.

Bucket List Items : I don't think I accomplished any this year and I probably won't until nursing school is over! That's okay though.

Comics / Standup Seen : Todd Barry at Woodlands Tavern.

Flavors of the year : Mediterranean quinoa, and roasted asparagus.

Favorite scents : Nirvana by Elizabeth & James, and Marshmallow Fireside (candle) by Bath & Body Works, Twisted Peppermint (candle) by Bath & Body Works, and Orange Dreamsicle (candle) by Yankee Candle--it's a now discontinued scent.

Favorite class taken : None. My focus was getting ready for my nursing program.

Favorite Apps : VSCOcam, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Bloglovin', Goodreads, and Instagram.

Favorite Tech : I'm still using my iPhone 6 plus (and will hopefully not upgrade until the end of 2016), my iPad Mini 2, and my Kindle Voyage. I don't want to upgrade for most of 2016!


My next blog post most likely will be about NYE and my 2016 resolutions/goals. How was your 2015? Did you accomplish anything you set as a goal in the beginning of the year?