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Columbus, OH, 43205

"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Life, lately.

Angie P

Mona in the window : lafinduglobe

This month has been busy. I've been working Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri and every other weekend (so sometimes it's six days in a row.) I've also started back up with school so I go to class on Wednesdays (Advanced Medical Terminology) and also do an online class (Pathophysiology.) On top of that I've been getting everything in order to apply to nursing school. I have one more thing to write (an interests/hobby resume) and then I have to figure out the best way to send it all. 

My birthday is on the 27th, a Tuesday, and I've called it off. Birthdays are considered holidays so I still get paid for it. I think we're going to get Croque Monsieurs in the morning and then I'll get my haircut in the afternoon. The weekend before, we are going to IKEA (we actually rented a bigger car) and also getting a haircut for Mona. So, it should be a nice weekend. 

I do post in the other sections of this blog so be sure to bookmark those. You can follow my new Filofaxing tab on Bloglovin' here.  I posted about a Hobonichi that I'm excited about and have been using as a personal journal. I think I've found notebook peace with it and will get one each year from here on out. I've also been loving my Midori Traveler's Notebook and find it to be the best sketchbook I've had in a long time. Since you can add different inserts to it, I have a lined notebook in there as well for notes and things I learn from books and work. Medical terms, mostly. I also really love the leather cover and how it distresses and ages over time. It kind of keeps me using it.

Mona in office chair : lafinduglobe

The cats are doing well. Ryan recently thrifted an office chair for his office (we are finally getting it situated) and Mona has fallen in love with it. She sleeps on it and will run to it if she thinks Ryan is walking to the office. She meows at him to move if he's been in it too long, also. She was like this a few years ago (and a few apartments ago) when Ryan had a cheap office chair. She just becomes obsessed with the weirdest things. Dorian is a cuddle bunny and always sleeps in bed. Sometimes it's annoying because he'll walk on top of us and sleep on top of the blankets and pinch them in the middle of us. He'll also scratch at our heads to open up the blankets into a cave-like shape so he can come in. This all happens at random hours in the night. But he's a good boy, and I'm not complaining. 

Let's see. Tv...we've been watching a few shows. We watch American Horror Story: Freakshow on Wednesdays and it's almost over! I'm sad it's about to finish. On Fridays we watch Comedy Bang Bang and Thursday's recorded episode of Portlandia (both on IFC.) That's all the TV we watch at the moment. I'm not sure when Mad Men is coming back but I look forward to that and, of course, Orange Is The New Black in June. 

What an interesting blog entry, eh? I'm currently drinking my Saturday morning coffee and about to get ready for work.