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Columbus, OH, 43205

"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall.

Angie P

We had a pretty mild summer with only a few 90 degree days so there isn't that much of a complaint here...but, see you later, summer! October is my favorite month of the entire year and it's not just because of the cooler weather. American Horror Story is coming back, books I've been excited about are being released (Patrick Rothfuss, omg!), Tim & Eric and Dr. Steve Brule in Pittsburgh, and the new Kindle Voyage is being shipped! Along with that, some month appropriate things will be happening like pumpkin patches, changing leaves, pumpkin spiced lattes, jackets and cemetery visits. 

Mona and Pumpkin 2014 : lafinduglobe

Mona just got her last lion-cut of the year and was hanging out near a pumpkin I just purchased. I sometimes call her "pumpkin eyes" because they're very similar in color. The cats will be soaking up all the sun they can in the upcoming month because we'll have to close off the sunroom once it gets too cold. Unfortunately, it isn't temperature controlled. 

But yeah, I'm excited. I don't think I'll ever enjoy summer as much as I enjoy fall and winter. I was born a winter baby, and maybe that has something to do with it.