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Columbus, OH, 43205

"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


+/- August.

Angie P

August 2014 : lafinduglobe

+ The Kanye West Guide To Life.

+ A semester ended and a new one began. This is my last semester at CSCC and then I'll be applying to a nursing program and hopefully beginning that within a year of acceptance. I'm currently taking Organic Bio Chemistry and Nutrition. 

+ Simpsons Moleskine! I ordered one for myself and one for Ryan. 

+ Bob's Burgers comic!!! Rivet, a gallery and vinyl toy store here in Columbus, had a Bob's Burgers party where they sold the first comic (with Rivet on the cover) along with prizes and burger shaped cupcakes. I read the comic that night and it was great. I'll definitely keep on buying issues each month. It's written in a way that each family member has a column that they "submitted". 

+ I read and reviewed The Good Nurse.

+ I read Eleanor & Park and reviewed it.

+ I talked a little bit about the app My Talking Pet.

+ The locusts are buzzing! Oh how I've missed that sound.

+ My good friend Kristyn was in town for a wedding and we got brunch and walked around the Short North. It was about a year since we've seen each other but thankfully we pick back up into the swing of things almost instantaneously. 

+ TV & Movies : The Leftovers, Bob's Burgers, Decker and Boyhood.

+ The PSL (pumpkin spice latte) is back and earlier than ever. I already got one and will get another in September. I don't want to overdo it with 500 calorie drinks (because it's seriously good as a frappucino.)

+ Speaking of early, the Halloween Cadbury Cream Eggs are being sold wherever candy is. So, like, everywhere. What is diet?

+ I purchased a new taxidermy piece that I'll share in September! 

+ Bill Maher's ice bucket challenge mostly because him and I are on the same wavelength and that makes me happy (even though the ice bucket challenge itself is a negative for this month.) : 

- My allergies have been insane even with allergy meds. 

- The ALS ice bucket challenge. Please don't continue on into September. Read my thoughts here

- It's been in the 90s for a week or so and I hate it. 


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