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Limited Edition The Simpsons Moleskine

Angie P

Limited Ed Moleskine : lafinduglobe

When I saw this Moleskine online, I had to have it. I actually bought two--one for me, one for Ryan. They have others, black and yellow, but it's this white one that spoke to me. I absolutely love Homer's "thinking face" and it's absolutely perfect for the cover of this Moleskine.

The embossing looks black in these photos but if you tilt the notebook, you will see that it's actually silver. The band, lining of back pocket, and bookmark are classic Simpsons yellow. 

The inside covers are so nice and have a light bluish/gray map of Springfield. It has a stamp that says it's Homer "certimafied" and also the number out of 9999. Mine is 4521. Any Simpsons fan can appreciate this but if you also play Tapped Out, you'll want to see if there's anything you can copy for your town's design in these illustrations!

Limited Ed Moleskine : lafinduglobe

These are the extras that came with the Moleskine. The running Homers are actually on the back of the wrapper that was originally on the notebook. Seven stickers also came with this. The stickers and this wrapper are going to just sit in the back pocket, I'm sure. I don't have much use for them but I don't want to throw them away. 

I seriously love this and think it's the best limited edition they've done in a while.