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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Whisker Wednesdays : Cat Stats.

Angie P


I think it's a good idea to document the cats and their personalities (if anything, for myself to look back on fondly.) If you know me or have been following me on various social medias, you know I post a lot of cat photos. These cats are like my kids! They're cuter than kids. So, every Wednesday (I hope) I will post various stories or photos or tips on how to take care of kitties. I've learned a lot about these creatures and I would like to share with whoever wants to read about this sort of thing. 

This week is all about introductions. They've been casually introduced in various past posts (Mona's been on the internet for quite a while) but lets make it official, okay?



Mona : lafinduglobe

Full name : Desdemona

Birthday : 07-01-2007

Breed : Blue long haired exotic (meaning, Persian and Himalayan)

Eye Color : Copper

Weight : 8.5-9 pounds

Dweller : Bush Dweller

Favorite Things : Running tap water (her favorite way to drink), cold floors, boxes, bug hunting, open windows, treats and toys with strings or streamers (her favorite is a Christmas toy with red & green streamers.) She also really loves licking tape so any packages that come in the mail have to be thrown out immediately once opened--tape is her crack.

Behavior : Overall. she's really relaxed. She can be bad and make a lot of noise, she likes to bang or scratch on anything that is loud (like the AC vents and closet doors.) She is loving on her terms and cuddles only when it's necessary to gain extra heat. She hardly ever uses her claws.



Dorian : lafinduglobe

Full name : Dorian Gray

Birthday : 03-17-2013 (best estimate)

Breed : Domestic shorthair / mix 

Eye Color : Yellowish Green

Weight : 10 pounds

Dweller : Tree Dweller

Favorite Things : Cuddling, soft blankets, bug hunting (and then eating them), chasing Mona but letting her hit him, the laser, catnip, plastic bottle caps, and his cat tree.

Behavior : He is super loving and always wanting to sit on our laps. He is constantly running up and down the hallway and throwing his body onto the couch without much thought. When he's in a playful mood he will try to bite and if he's in his cube, he will attack feet that walk by. On catnip he is super cute and loving and just rolls around. It's very obvious that Mona is shaping his behavior because sometimes you can see him look at her to know what to do next. He likes having Mona around more than she likes having him around.