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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Blogiversary : 1 Year.

Angie P

Happy Birthday Lafinduglobe : lafinduglobe

One year ago today I decided to blog publicly. I've been having fun with all aspects of blogging--writing, book reviewing, taking more photos (I'd like to think I've improved) and just generally being more creative. The goal is to continue. So, I hope you, my mostly anonymous readers, are enjoying this!

By the way, that banner image took forever to make. After I saw a gay pride float with giant metallic balloon letters I needed to copy it for this post. Fancy!

How am I spending today? Well, I have my final exam tomorrow so I will be studying and breaking up the day watching Bob's Burgers on Netflix. Why did it take me forever to get into this show? I love everything H. John Benjamin does. Check out Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil.

What do you guys like about my blog? What do you think can be better? I'm genuinely interested. Other than that, I'm excited for another year of documenting this life of mine. I know I haven't found my niche in the blogging world but why do I have to? Do I have to limit what I post about to fit into a certain category?