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Photography : Tilt-Shift Lens Rental!

Angie P

I rented a Canon TS-E 45mm f/2.8 for 14 days thanks to I figure I'll do a photo dump every other day or so to show my progress with mastering the lens. This is something I've wanted to do for a while because I don't think I'll drop the money on this novelty lens to own it--even though I really, really want it. Renting photography equipment in general is pretty awesome and I will be doing it more often!

Like I said, this is my first time renting anything online and was quick, easy, and was delivered the date I asked to receive it. I chose these particular 14 days because the Ohio State Fair is coming up (here's my photos from last year) and I really think tilt-shift photos will be awesome to showcase the colors, rides and general atmosphere the fair has to offer. The weather will also be cooling down and it will give me an opportunity to visit the zoo and it's new Heart of Africa exhibit. Tilt-shifted giraffes, anyone? I hope I can get a good shot! I have a bunch more locations planned and will share it all on this blog. 

Here's the first batch I took on a quick walk. It was going to rain so I couldn't really spend that much time outside. 

I don't think these are too bad for my first try considering the lighting was horrible and I was learning how to work it as I went. The motorists building is probably the best out of the batch. I love the dreamy quality this lens gives off. Also, I love that Ryan is willing to help me with anything photography related. Thanks, Ryan! 

Does anyone have location ideas or general photography tips? I've been watching YouTube videos but I appreciate all the help I can get! This is a hobby of mine but I do want to keep on improving. 

More soon!