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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Whisker Wednesdays : Bug Hunters.

Angie P

whisker wednesdays : lafinduglobe

Hello and welcome to another weekly edition of Whisker Wednesdays. This week I'm going to talk about bugs and the benefits of having cats when said bugs enter your home. While we haven't had too many unwanted critters enter our apartment, we have had silverfishes (gag), moths (eh, I'm cool with them) and the occasional roach (god I hate cockroaches) present themselves. 

Usually it's the cats who notice the bugs before we do. The cats will make little chirping meows and stare it down if it's out of reach. The chirping is constant and then if the bug moves, so do the cats. They will chase anything, even a small fruit fly / gnat. Silverfishes are the absolute worst but the cats love to go after them and nibble on 'em. I am so glad these cats love them because I really don't like smooshing them with a napkin. Too many legs!

Below is a video of a moth that Mona found in our bedroom. This moth was huge and I didn't let Mona kill it. After taking the video, we grabbed it and released it outside. Also, yeah, that's me laughing in the background. But, you can hear the buzz of the month's wings--it was big!

A few weeks ago right before going to bed we saw a single cockroach. We tried getting it but failed and I actually went to bed really depressed because I was worried that there were a lot more in the apartment or the empty space below the floor we live on. At some point during the night Dorian hunted it down and left it for dead in my office. He didn't eat it (maybe it gave off a foul smell) but he did kill it. I was so proud! Those things are fast and everyone says that they'd survive nuclear bombs but I guess they can't survive being punctured by cat nails and teeth. To this date we haven't seen any more roaches so for the time being I feel at ease knowing these cats will kill them. 

The moral of this week's Whisker Wednesday is that cats will keep bugs in check in your home or apartment. They don't do it because they have to, they do it because they like to. It looks like an immense amount of fun for them. Sometimes I'm actually happy a moth or fly is in the apartment because it keeps them occupied and their reflexes quick.