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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Mona & Dorian : An update.

Angie P


Mona and Dorian have been doing so well. I talked a little bit about how nervous I was at the thought of Mona's reaction to a new cat--she ended up surprising us by being really cool with the idea.

We've had Dorian now for 4 months (his welcome post here--if you haven't seen it) and he's fully integrated himself into our household and routines. 

Mona still is completely herself as she hardly likes to cuddle and be too close to him, but we have seen that they sleep about a foot apart from each other in our bed and on the couch. We know this because on the days that I go to school, we come home for lunch and they are sometimes still asleep on the bed next to each other.

Dorian's personality has really blossomed. He is very vocal and is constantly making little noises (sometimes big noises) at random times during the day. If we are in the kitchen cooking a meal, he's in there with us meowing for attention and probably food. Speaking of food, he wants to steal it from us at all times. This is a big difference from Mona because she has never cared about human food. We are hoping he will change over time (he's still young) and learn that we aren't giving him any. In the mean time, we keep a squirt-bottle on the dining room table to spray him if he jumps up and gets all in our dinner. It's working for now. 

Another thing I have learned, that I took for granted with Mona, is that Dorian will nibble on my plants. When Mona was an only child, I was able to put my plants on any windowsill I wanted and she would never touch them. Dorian has nibbled on a few of my succulents and I had to completely rearrange the way my plants get light. It was stressful because with it being winter, the sun isn't that great and our sunroom has been off limits because it isn't temperature controlled. Over the past few years I've taken pride in my houseplants and I just can't let them die! It's been a bit of a struggle but I'll figure out a solution to keep him away from them. I did have to look up each kind I had to make sure they weren't toxic--thankfully they aren't. 

Dory is a total "tree-dweller" and loves his cat tree.

Dory is a total "tree-dweller" and loves his cat tree.

The two of them do play and it's super cute. We have a long hallway and they chase each other a few times a day. Mona is still dominant and Dorian rolls over while she pins him down and wrestles. We recently got them a cat tree and Dorian loves it (Mona isn't too interested yet.) With the aid of catnip, we've gotten Dorian into the idea of playing on the tree to get some energy out and he's even slept on the top tier. The tree is huge, 72", so I think he likes being high. Mona is more of a "bush-dweller" and prefers to be under boxes and tables. I did catch her on the tree once, though! Once the weather warms up we plan on moving the cat tree to the sunroom so they can lay in the sun and look out the windows. 

These two make home fun and I can't imagine what a cat-less apartment would be like. They're spoiled rotten, I know.