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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Nail polish : A-England.

Angie P

From left to right: Dragon, Fated Prince, Dancing With Nureyev, Dorian Gray.

From left to right: Dragon, Fated Prince, Dancing With Nureyev, Dorian Gray.

On Bloglovin' I follow a lot of nail blogs and have known about the UK brand A-England for some time. I always thought they were so unique so I finally bit the bullet and ordered a few from Llarowe. Ordering through this site was a breeze and was shipped and delivered incredibly fast. Each polish was bubble-wrapped and they were put in a size appropriate box (something I'm not used to because most of my online ordering is from Amazon and their box sizes are iffy.) I will definitely order again from this site. 

So, I chose four colors that I thought I would like. My favorite without a doubt is "Fated Prince" but they all are really nice. I think what I like most is that while they are holographic in the sunlight, they are rather modest in other lights. I don't like polishes that are too flashy all the time and these fit that criteria. And, of course I had to get the one named "Dorian Gray"--it's a super nice and while I do own a lot of grays, this is sort of graphite-like and unlike the rest of what I own. 

It's going to take me forever to swatch all of them (I'll add swatches to this post over time) but here is "Fated Prince" :