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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Documenting : Dream Journal

Angie P

Dream Journal : lafinduglobe

Does anyone keep track of their dreams? I've documented them in both digital form (the iPad has a few good apps) and in various notebooks. When I saw this night sky notebook, I knew it'd be the perfect thing to keep next to my bed to document crazy dreams. 

The latest dream I wrote about happened two nights ago. I was with Ryan (my boyfriend) and we were going to get our haircuts at a new salon that we had never tried before. It was in a neighborhood that we both used to live in and our current (real life) salon resides. We parked in the parking lot and as we were walking to the door, it was raining maxi pads. They were clean pads but open and sticking to everything they landed on. They were covering the ground, trees, and building walls. It was just so bizarre and that's all I remember. It's dreams like this that I am happy to have a nice little notebook to document them in. 

As far as formatting, I just write the date, a few sentences, and then do a quick doodle of the main theme. So, for the dream above, I drew a maxi pad. For another dream I drew a tooth. These drawings may help me if I'm looking back on how many teeth dreams I've had or how many, god forbid, maxi pad dreams I've had. 

Dream Journal : lafinduglobe