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Columbus, OH, 43205

"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


+/- November.

Angie P

November In Review : lafinduglobe

+ We went to Cleveland and saw Norm Macdonald play at Hilarities. We were in the front row and by front row, I was resting my arm on the stage. It was that close. Norm was super funny and it was cool to see him in the flesh! Also while in Cleveland, I took a trip down memory lane and drove through Mayfield Heights (where I grew up), went to the Target I worked at (because I forgot to pack a brush), and went to Lakeview Cemetery (where my mom is buried.) There was a good amount of snow and I didn't get to walk around Lakeview as much as I would have wanted. I'm sure we will go back when it's warm to give my skeleton-mom a proper hello.

+ DIY'd a traveler's notebook to use as a sketchbook

+ I shared my Filofaxes and how I stay organized.

+ Tim & Eric in Papermag.

+ Shared a member of my taxidermy collection.

+ Worked and made that holiday pay on Thanksgiving.

+ Oh my god, Candy Crush released another game called Soda Saga and I'm totally obsessed.

+ I also played the game Monument Valley on my iPad and it's a gorgeous game. 

+ Stephen King released a novel called Revival. I'm almost done with it and it's quite good! 

+ Technically, this is my last semester at CSCC. I finally got all my prerequisites done to apply for nursing school! Applying begins in February. What sucks though is that I will have almost a year off before the program begins. I do plan on working more but I decided to still take classes at CSCC. So, I just registered for Human Pathophysiology and Advanced Medical Terminology. I just want to keep learning and both of these classes will be beneficial. I'll only have to go to school one day a week as Human Pathophysiology is an online course. 

+ I'll be sending Christmas cards out soon. If I don't have your address, please send me a private message on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

+ I'm kind of obsessed with Starbuck's holiday mugs this year. These are the ones I have (and I don't think I need any more!) Images via

+ Holiday lights in Columbus. I'm sure I'll share more in the month of December. These were taken in the Columbus Commons. 

- I pulled a muscle, my Pectoralis Major, I think. I've been in quite a bit of pain when I twist a certain way. If it doesn't go away soon I'll have to consult a doctor. I think I did it when I grabbed a heavy tool box on a top shelf with one hand. Pulling a muscle in your chest is not fun because they connect to your arm as well! 

Chest Muscles : via google image search

- This month felt really long. I worked a little harder with my classes and studied quite a bit. I am ready for a break from classes in December.

- My office is a mess at the moment. I have art supplies all over the floor. I guess there's worse problems to have.

+/- My computer broke but Ryan fixed it. I got a new hard drive for it and it's working faster than ever! 

Looking into December:

  • Studying the first weekend for final exams on the 8th and 9th. Then I'll have a bit of a break from school to just work and get some drawing/DIYs done in my free time. 
  • I'd like to finish both my Stephen King and Haruki Murakami books so I can start January off fresh. 
  • I really need to get my Christmas shopping done by mid-December and I need to ship out my gift for the Reddit Secret Santa exchange. 
  • Finish my entrance essay for my nursing school application because I didn't get it down this month. 

November 2014 Instagrams: