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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Events : Tim and Eric & Dr. Steve Brule Tour 2014.

Angie P

ticket : lafinduglobe

I'll start off by saying that this was, probably, the greatest show I'll ever see. Seriously. I'm just a huge fan of these guys and they did not disappoint. 

We decided to get a rental car since we'd be driving the distance from Columbus to Pittsburgh. We left Friday morning and took our time getting there since the show was at 7. It actually didn't start until 8:15ish.

We drank a ton of coffee in the car and stopped at Tom's Ice Cream Bowl for lunch in Zanesville, Ohio.

After checking into our hotel (Renaissance Pittsburgh), we used Uber to get a ride to the Carnegie Music Hall. Their tour bus was outside and that's when things got real exciting.

Here's a few pictures I shot at the music hall (they are clickable images) I just loved that dinosaur :

And now, onto everything Tim and Eric & Dr. Steve Brule!

The Tour Bus : lafinduglobe

We had a few drinks, bought merch (more about that later) and got to our seats. We were in the second row, and I had the aisle seat. WE WERE RIGHT THERE and saw everything. DJ Douggpound started the show. 

DJ Douggpound

After a short video about how Tim and Eric are changing the face of comedy, they appear and dance and sing for us. They wore shiny shirts and were full of energy. They performed many sketches, with many costume changes, and never broke character. Really impressive.

Tim and Eric : lafinduglobe
Tim and Eric 2014 : lafinduglobe
Tim and Eric 2014 : lafinduglobe

Skott and Behr. Praise Rang!

Tim and Eric 2014 : lafinduglobe

And then, Dr. Steve Brule took the stage. In case anyone can't tell, it's John C. Rielly. He maintained this character for a good hour and a half. He was incredibly funny. He did his act in the format of Check It Out! and brought people up on stage. 

Dr. Steve Brule : lafinduglobe

Towards the end of the show, Jan and Wayne Skylar came out and everyone was cheering. They were by far the best and most anticipated characters to show up on stage. (This image is clickable.)

There was also a glorious wedding between Jan and Dr. Brule. But, being the bitch that she is, Jan called the wedding off once Wayne regained the strength in his lower extremities. Tim Heidecker was ON POINT with being Jan that night. He was dancing and flipping his gown around. I was dying.

Tim and Eric & Dr. Steve Brule : lafinduglobe

Lastly, I did get some merch before sitting down for the show. I was going to get a t-shirt but ended up getting a poster (really great quality) and a greeting card with Dr. Brule. 

Tim and Eric and Dr. Steve Brule 2014 : lafinduglobe

Their comedy isn't for everyone but I just love it and cannot get enough of it. I laughed the entire show, from beginning to end, and really appreciate what these guys do.

(All photos were taken with my cell phone rather than DSLR.)