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Get Organized : Filofax A5 Domino & Filofax A5 Original in Patent Nude.

Angie P

Filofax domino and original : lafinduglobe
filofax domino : lafinduglobe

I can't tell you how many YouTube videos I watched before deciding that I would benefit from a Filofax organizer. I then took more time deciding what color and size was best for me. I found an incredible deal on Amazon for the A5 black Domino for $23. I couldn't pass it up. The cover isn't real leather and I feel better about carrying it around daily. For my desk blog planner/idea book,  I went with the A5 size in their original design and thought the neutral nude color was something I wouldn't tire of. There's a very subtle patent shimmer on it but it's not like a pair of patent leather shoes. It isn't that shiny. The quality is so great and it feels good to use and to hold. I love the idea of using it year after year with new inserts. I think that's what bugged me about past planners, they felt too constricting. With Filofaxes, you can design dividers and filler paper if you feel so inclined. I also needed something to use that could have a calendar (for work and school deadlines), note paper, meal and diet tracking/planning, budget planning, to-do lists, and an area for sketching and art ideas.

I had originally purchased a Kate Spade spiral planner for 2015. It was constricting because I couldn't add or rearrange pages. What I did though, to save money, was rip out the month-at-a-glance pages for 2015 and put them in the Filofax original. I had to cut them down to size a bit and hole punch them.  I liked the tabs they had so I figured it would be best to utilize something I already owned. For the Filofax Domino, I got a cheap 2015 Mead planner and ripped them out and hole-punched to fit. The 2015 Mead planners at Target have tabs and are really nice! Also, in the black Domino, a Moleskine reporter notebook fits PERFECTLY. Huge plus to have a notebook with me at all times.

Here's a mish-mash of pictures. I'll share more as the new year progresses. I do plan on decorating more and there's fun washi tape on the way from Etsy. What can I say, I love stationary.

filofax domino : lafinduglobe
Filofax Domino : lafinduglobe
Filofax Original and Domino : lafinduglobe

I really think this will work for me where Moleskines and other planners didn't. Whatever keeps you organized, right? I just feel more organized when I physically write things down rather than type them in my phone. I tend to not look at my phone for anything other than social media and games. 

Filofax Domino and Original : lafinduglobe

Do you use a planner? What brand? If you don't, do you find that using your phone is enough?