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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Dorian : 1 year!

Angie P

Holy crap! Has it really been a year since Dorian's become a part of our home? For a refresher and trip down memory lane,  here is his introduction post. Dorian has really integrated into our little household quite nicely.

It was a bit daunting at first because Mona was very used to being the only cat. If you look at them now (or follow my Instagram) you'd see how much they love each other. They chase each other down the hallway, wrestle, sit in the sun right next to one another, and sometimes eat at the same time from the same bowl. 

Dorian loves to cuddle and usually is always trying to get onto one of our laps. If I'm on my computer, he's usually on my chest in between me and the laptop. If Ryan is on the couch or in his chair playing FIFA, Dorian is right there with him. He still has a weird obsession with iPads and we can't keep them laying out because he will walk all over it as if it's on! I think it may be the reflections in the glass when it's off that attract him, but of course when it's on he wants to swipe at the screen.

He also likes to lay in between us on top of the comforter in bed. He'll usually walk on top of us few times a night but we've gotten used to it. When Ryan leaves for work and I don't have to get up right away, both Dorian and Mona will get in bed with me. 

Dorian is a very vocal cat and will meow on his own or in response to us talking to him. He loves eating catnip so we've made a point to grow the fresh stuff in the window from a hanging pot. He loves his cat tree (which is good because Mona rarely goes on it) and sleeps on the top tier. He loves to run and jump and pounce on things. He loves treats and will eat Mona's if she is not quick enough. 

He's a good cat and I am so glad we took a risk and adopted him. He's the last one, though. Two cats at a time are plenty!

Dorian : lafinduglobe

Above is one of the first photos I've taken of him. When comparing to a recent photo, you can tell he was much smaller as his features are a tad different/baby-like.

Dorian Triptych : lafinduglobe

I've posted this photo (above) recently but I love it so much. His features have become much more angular and exotic in a year's time.