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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Recurring Dream Themes : Shit just got weird.

Angie P

Dreams are weird, right? There are a few things that I dream of on a regular basis and they're honestly not that pleasant. But, they're still interesting. I'd look up the meanings but I'm sure most of them stem from anxiety, minor depression and OCD. 


Starving Discarded Fish:

  • This is the worst thing I dream of, and it's happened multiple times, but luckily this particular dream hasn't happened in a little over a year or so. There isn't much that happens in the dream that I remember except for being absolutely frantic and looking in my closet at the top shelf and discovering a discarded fish bowl. In a hurry I grab the fish bowl and put it on the ground and notice that the fish (typical goldfish/beta fish) are starving. I quickly feed them but I can feel their anger toward me. They are so mad that I forgot about them and almost killed them. In the dream it's as if I kept them in the closet for months. My dream self is overcome with self-loathing and extreme guilt.  

Broken, Crumbling, Loose Teeth:

  • I can't even count how many dreams I've had where I've lost teeth while looking in the mirror, have had teeth crumble in my mouth as if they're made out of Altoids or them just wiggling around in my gums. The most recent was last month where I was in the bathroom (of course, they are almost always in there) and I look in the mirror and there's a hole punch in my front tooth. These dreams cause a lot of anxiety to my dream self. 


  • I've dreamed of Tornadoes many times. They're usually coming straight for wherever I am. Usually there's anxiety of gathering the cats and making sure they're safe before my own safety. There was one dream where I was in a plane and I looked out the window and the entire view was of hundreds of tornadoes touching down to the ground. These dreams always have a yellowish tint to them. Surprisingly, these dreams aren't as anxiety-filled as the broken teeth dreams. 

Bugs, Spiders, Creepy-Crawlies:

  • Just last night I had a dream where and entire patch of grass was covered in weirdly shaped spiders. Think of Indiana Jones in Raiders of The Lost Ark. Bugs everywhere. A lot of the time though, my house has been replaced with a dirty dirty space and the floor is just crawling with the oddest and creepiest bugs. There isn't much anxiety in these dreams but just a feeling of unpleasantness. 
  • Twice I've had a dream where I looked at my thumb and there was a hangnail, I squeezed my thumb and a slug twisted out of my cuticle! Well one time it was a slug and the other it was this little black bug with a parachute. As soon as it came out of my hand it floated away. The parachute bug was actually really cute. 
  • Junior year of college (art school) I had a dream that a bug bit my face. I actually woke up and thought I saw a bug scurry off away from my bed. I was freaked out and my face was actually burning in the spot it bit me. I ran to the bathroom and threw water all over myself and spent a half hour trying to see if it was a real bug or not. I have no idea if it was but my face did in fact burn and was red the next day. Maybe it was a lucid dream or hallucination? 

Dreams of my Mom:

  • Eh, dreams of my Mom are never nice. Usually she's mean in them, like she wants nothing to do with me or she doesn't recognize me. These dreams were frequent right after she passed away but now I hardly have them. Every once in a while she'll pop up in a dream but it's a weird version of her. Needless to say, I've never had a nice dream of my mom. 


Readers, do you dream of anything of a regular basis? I'd love to hear about it.