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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Hey 2014.

Angie P


A new year, huh? I could be cliche and say that 2013 went by fast (because it did) but I won't. For the past three years we've rung in the new year with a nice cheese plate spread with fig jam, crackers and we usually get champagne or moscato to sip on.  We always watch a movie about the world ending in some way. This year we watched This Is The End which ended up being quite funny. I won't give much away but the Backstreet Boys were in it singing the best song they have, "Backstreet's Back". Oh, and James Franco had this great line where he secretly handed Seth Rogen crackers, "what's cheese without a few crackers, know what I'm sayin?" and it was just extra funny because we were just enjoying our NYE cheese plate with crackers.

Past NYE films included:

As far as resolutions, I'm skipping them this year and focusing on my 30 before 30 list. I have until the 27th (my birthday, and the day I turn 29) to figure them out. I will blog about them and hopefully it will be a cool experience for 2014 to get 30 random things accomplished.

2013 as a whole though was a nice year. We moved into our current apartment and it's a lot bigger and cheaper than what we lived in prior to. We adopted Dorian and it's been fun seeing the cats get along as time goes on. I'm dating my best friend and he's always making me laugh. I've been healthy and doing well in school. No overall complaints.

But still, I want 2014 to be better. I want to do some memorable things in the last year of my twenties.