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Columbus, OH, 43205

"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


+/- September.

Angie P

September was a decent enough month. The weather is beginning to get cooler and I even got to wear a light jacket one morning on my way to work. 

Here we go, the plusses and minuses of September: 

+Ryan's birthday is on the 30th. He already received his gifts from me. I purchased him a ticket to the US vs. Mexico match that was here at the Crew Stadium. I also got him an Obey sweater from Tigertree.  


+Ryan got me a new coffee mug in the shape of a Canon 24-70mm lens. It's in the middle of the photo above. Hard to tell, huh?

+The summer of KING continues with Stephen King's latest release Doctor Sleep. I pre-ordered it in May and although I got it a day late, Amazon gave me a $5 credit for the discrepancy. So far, I am LOVING IT. A review on this blog will be posted later this week.

+We decided to get cable TV again and had it installed today. Ryan missed having all the channels to watch sports and I guess I'll find something to watch on it. I really don't watch too much TV but the DVR is nice for when I do want to catch a show. 

+School is fine. My grades are good. No complaints there. 

-My job kind of switched what I was used to doing and is making me do something else that I'm pretty indifferent towards. I was just starting to really enjoy everyone I was working with and then out of nowhere I was told I had to do another job, that is solitary. Not cool. I may start looking for something else.

-The Summer of KING has one disappointment. Under The Dome on CBS ended up being pretty crappy. I really enjoyed the book, but the actors are pretty horrible. Will I keep on watching? Probably. 

-The Dexter series finale was horrible. I was pretty pissed at how little effort and care they (the writers) put into the characters. There were some great seasons, like season 4 with John Lithgow, but it went downhill. I haven't seen a finale this bad since LOST.  

-The last episode of Breaking Bad airs this Sunday and I am sad to see it go. I'm also at a loss as to what will end up happening. It is such a great TV show and has set the bar extremely high for future shows.  In the big scheme of things, it comes in at #2 right after Six Feet Under. I'm sorry, Six Feet Under is the absolute ultimate for me.

-Ryan got a flat tire a few weeks ago. It sucked because it happened as he was picking me up from work. We managed to fill it up with fixaflat after struggling with one lug nut that would not budge. We then drove it less than a block to BP where the dude there helped put on the donut. Ryan has since gotten a new tire. 

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