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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Out And About : Ohio State Fair

Angie P

This past Friday Ryan and I decided to go to the fair for a few hours. I have never been there despite living in this city for 10 years. Ryan went as a kid but it's been a big chunk of time since he has gone, too. The main reason why I wanted to go was because I wanted a damn elephant ear and fairs are the place to get them. I was throwing around the idea of getting a corn dog but that never happened. 

I guess what I like most about fairs are the smells (of food, not the animals), the lights, the colors and the fonts. There are so many kitschy fonts and most of them are only used, and accepted, at fairs.   

This summer's weather has been really nice and on this particular evening it was in the lower 70's with a nice cool wind. I remember last year at this time and it was just so incredibly hot.  

A few other notable things to mention is that a random downpour happened for about 10 minutes and we had to take refuge under a game tent and then while we were leaving, a drunk dude bought us an elephant ear--so it was free! His reasoning was literally "I'm sure I make more money than you guys so I'll buy your elephant ear." Uh, okay dude. I'm pretty sure my camera costs more than your couch.  

Anyway, here's some pictures.