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Columbus, OH, 43205

"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


I found a piece of my childhood the other day.

Angie P


I'm rarely in the Short North anymore but Ryan and I were there the other day, first to go to Homage and then to eat something. We decided to stop into Big Fun, a new toy store with a specialty in vintage and/or rare toys, to browse before getting dinner. While most of the inventory didn't interest me, I saw something in one of the glass cases that immediately caught my eye and transported me to my 11 year old self. The ORB (made by Parker Brothers in 1982) is something my mom purchased for me and I loved it. Many hours were spent twisting the colored balls around the tracks trying to get them back to their original position. I lost it at some point and haven't thought of it since--until now, when I was blindsided by one. I looked at the price, $14, and at first didn't buy it. We went to get dinner and during dinner I decided that I had to go back and purchase it. I totally felt guilty passing it up. Looking on ebay and Amazon also helped my decision because they were selling ORBs for much, much more money. I just had to have it. Part of me is nervous to mess the colors up, but I'm going to do it. And, I'll solve it. Hopefully.

It's crazy how random things just pop into your memory. I can't even imagine how much is stored in my long-term memory and what will possibly trigger those things to flood back to me. It's a nice organ to have, our brain.