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I'd love to get back into blogging...

Angie P

Like the title says, I would love to get back into blogging. I started back in high school when LiveJournal was all the rage, although it took me a while to get an invite code. Before getting a code I had random journals on, and Does anyone even remember those?! Those sites have disappeared long ago, and so have the many journal entries of my youth. Part of me wishes I saved those entries in some sort of text file form, but mostly I think it's for the best. I'm 28 years old and I've changed so much in the 12 years of online journaling. LiveJournal is still around, and so is my account, but I don't really use it anymore. I haven't in a few years, really. As long as the site is around I'll keep those entries in tact, albeit private, to look back on. A lot of the most recent entries were from 2008-2010 and dealt with my mom's passing away. I think it's good to keep those entries to reflect on and to see how far I've come mentally/emotionally/physically. 

So why after so long do I want to blog again? Honestly, I just miss it. I don't write anything down anymore and I kind of miss the cathartic release blogging/journaling can provide. Another reason is that I simply want to document shit. I enjoy the photo documentation Instagram gives me but it really isn't enough to look back on without text to explain what is going on in that moment. And Facebook, ugh, I am just so over it. There really isn't anything personal I ever want to share on there. I don't enjoy how much of it is the sharing of images, memes and games. And, the older I get, the more people post photos of their babies and things pertaining to religion. I'm not really into babies all that much and I really am not into religion so it's just a pointless site to scroll through. Don't get me wrong, there is some good to Facebook. I really like how you feel "in the know" with people you don't see often anymore. But, as a whole, it isn't a good outlet for me.  

So yeah, here I am trying to get back into this blogging thing. I've decided to use my URL (, that I've had for a few years, and make a pretty looking blog that contains daily or weekly ramblings, book reviews, and photos. Let's see how this goes.