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Columbus, OH, 43205

"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


OTE life.

Angie P

Moving to Olde Towne East was probably the best decision we've made. For a while I loved being in Victorian Village but the rent was just too expensive and while our building was nice, had new appliances, was stylish and safe, our neighbors were just too upity. Which is crazy in a sense because while they acted superior, they were loud and messy and on multiple times we've found vomit in the stairwells and heard fights in the hallways. Our next door neighbor was the worst. We're pretty sure her parents were paying her rent and she was a total drama queen. Loud screaming matches were heard through the walls when she was on the phone with a boyfriend or her mother. On Cinco de Mayo (2012) she had people over, which is fine, but she ended up having a screaming match with a girlfriend of hers close to midnight. On top of that it wasn't even the weekend. This is when vomit was found the next morning in the stairwell. The entire building was messy and didn't seem to understand that if you don't put your trash in the dumpster, the truck will not pick it up. So, on many occasions boxes that weren't broken down were left in the trash area for weeks on end. Our upstairs neighbors were loud and constantly making noise. It wasn't normal footstep noises either, it was as if they were dropping bowling balls multiple times a day. The apartment itself just ended up being way too small. The TV was heard in the bedroom and nothing muffled the noise. We just needed out.

The apartment we have now is just perfect and I can see us here for a few years (which is great because I am so sick of moving.) It's about $400 a month cheaper, has 3 bedrooms, a sun room and a back area that is gated and each unit has a little patio for chairs and grills. Our front door has a coded intercom that connects to our cell phones to let people in. When in the bedroom, you cannot hear anything in the living room. So that's cool if one of us wants to stay up late and watch TV. It's an older building and while appliances aren't brand new, the monthly price makes up for it. What makes me happiest is that Mona (the kitty) loves this place. It is so apparent because her behavior has drastically changed for the better. Having large windowsills alone gives her stuff to look at and occupy her time. We have a long hallway and she happily runs up and down it. She sleeps in the sunroom often. Her bad behaviors like scratching furniture and banging on random things in the night has diminished considerably. 

It's also nice being a part of an up-and-coming neighborhood. It's becoming more desirable to live in this area (rent prices!!) and more and more businesses are opening which is great. There's some nice restaurants and bars within walking distance that we have already taken full advantage of. People are friendly here and always say hello. We have a nice little community garden and someone installed a Little Free Library that I've already contributed books to. 

I'm very content right now with our living situation.