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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Autumn semester and what not.

Angie P

Autumn semester begins on Monday and it marks one year that I've been back in school working towards a nursing degree. Surprisingly, now that I look back on it, I got a lot of classes out of the way. I'm thinking I have two more semesters before I can apply to an accelerated nursing program at either Mount Carmel or Capital University. I'm leaning towards Capital because it's 20 months rather than 13 months at Mount Carmel. I would love to get done in 13 months but I have to think about my sanity. I hear it's incredibly stressful and fast paced. Plus I know that I definitely wouldn't be able to keep a job (during those 13 months) if I went to Mount Carmel.  

Speaking of jobs, I'm pretty sure I snagged one at a retirement community here. I go in on Tuesday for a few hours to sign papers, take a drug test, and get a photo ID badge. I also think I'm going to set up a time to get a few immunizations (tuberculosis and maybe flu) and get sized for a uniform (ick). It will be 30 hours a week, which is considered full-time there, and I'll get benefits, vacation days (including my birthday), etc. I think the best thing about this job is that it's a great place to network and possibly use to my advantage when I get my nursing degree. 

I'm currently reading Good Omens and hope to finish it by tonight. I'll definitely write a review as well. Speaking of books, there are so many coming out that I need to read and keep track of.  Doctor Sleep will be here next month (you better believe I pre-ordered that shit), Allegiant will be out in October (yes, I enjoy some YA), and I really want to read The Ocean At The End Of The Lane and Dune before the year's end. But, I guess that's the beauty of books, there's hundreds that seem interesting and the list keeps getting longer. 

 In the world of TV, Breaking Bad is back and I'm excited and totally stressed out. I'm still watching True Blood (it's really gone downhill) and Dexter (still love it). And soon American Horror Story and The Walking Dead will be back. I can't wait. 

Other than that, I am making a list of fall and winter clothing I want/need to buy. It's my favorite time to shop for clothes and I wish I could wear sweaters and jackets all year round. Boots are always a hard purchase for me but I'm thinking either the brand Sorel or Hunter. I just want to wear layers, drink hot coffee all the time and hear crunchy leaves underneath my shoes.