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Julep Mystery Box.

Angie P


I've never purchased a Julep polish despite knowing of them for quite a while. So, when I saw that they were doing a Christmas mystery box for $25 with $125 worth of stuff, I thought it was the perfect time to try. Above is what I got as a whole. The packaging was really great and I actually reused the paper crinkle filling for Christmas gift wrapping. I also love the shape of Julep's nail polish. I thought I wouldn't but it fits on my nail polish rack and they are just so unique. Normally they are $14 a bottle so it is a pricier brand. I'm pretty cool with all but two colors sent to me. The first two in the top image, I am not a fan of. If you (reader, whoever you are) want to do a swap--please comment! I'm willing to swap for another Julep or another brand like Butter London, Deborah Lippmann, OPI, etc.

I haven't tried everything in this box yet. I did try the Rockstar lotion and it smells really nice and absorbs quickly. I'll very much consider getting another one when this runs out. Maybe even a bigger tube if they come in different sizes. The Green Tea facial blotters work like you'd expect and they are fun to see how clear they can get--which is actually kind of gross because it's oil from your skin that's causing it. Thanks, sebaceous glands. The lipgloss doesn't really show up as any tint but smells nice and does a good job. I'm more of a lip-balm girl though...I don't care for much shine. 

Here's some better nail polish photos since what I'm most excited about is the polish--and, ignore the little dust specs on the caps, I didn't realize they were on there. The names are as follows, "Nina", "America", "Joanna", "Alaina", "Aviva", "Nellie" and "Brenda". Like I said above, I am totally willing to swap the magenta and the shimmery white if anyone is interested:

The colors (despite the two I don't like) are very me. I don't think I would ever purchase a polish like "America" (it would have probably caught my eye in the store though) but I'm glad I got it because I will totally use it on the Fourth of July. I'm sure everyone uses this polish on that day. 

I'm up in the air as to whether I'd ever become a Julep Maven and get a box a month. I just fear that I'd get polish colors that I'd never wear and end up with a pile of "uglies". I think, if anything, I'll order a few times a year from their website and get colors that I really want. I already saw that they have a color named "Mona" that is super nice. It doesn't hurt that my cat's name is Mona. 

Overall, a fun experience and I recommend trying a mystery box sometime.