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Columbus, OH, 43205

"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Cat acclimation was a success.

Angie P

He's a total couch buddy.

He's a total couch buddy.

It's almost been a month since adopting Dorian and things are going very well.

We had a hiccup at the (almost) two week mark when Dorian hurt his knee and we had to take him to the emergency vet. He stuck his head in a paper shopping bag (a T-Mobile one to be exact--I just got an iPhone 5s) and he spooked himself and ran around wildly in the apartment bumping into things. We got him as quick as we could but he was limping. We gave him a few hours to see if he just bruised his knee but it wasn't getting better. This was a Sunday evening and we were at the vet for about 5 hours. He was sedated and X-Rayed. The radiograph showed a lateral luxated patella. We were told to keep him from running and jumping for a few weeks so we set him up in the extra bedroom (my "office") with the essentials--litter box, food/water, toys, blankets. He really hated being in that room because he just wanted to play with Mona and explore the apartment. Still he was so loving and always sat on our laps when we came in to visit and give him attention. He was also a champ at eating his pain pills every morning. 

This was Dorian's favorite thing to do when he was in seclusion. He would stick his paw through the door and swipe at Mona.

This was Dorian's favorite thing to do when he was in seclusion. He would stick his paw through the door and swipe at Mona.

It took about a week and his limping went away. We still need to keep an eye on him to see if it happens again because he may need surgery to deepen the trochlear groove that his kneecap rests in. We're hoping it was just a one-time injury. 

Little side note of this whole ordeal: I will say that it was cool looking at his X-Ray and being able to identify all the bones and notice for myself that the patella was in fact pushed laterally. It was a little confirmation that what I'm learning in school is in fact sticking. I do wish I had the X-Rays to show. 

So, after all that Dorian has been enjoying himself in the apartment like a normal cat. Him and Mona get along for the most part--they wrestle, sleep on the same chair, and chase each other down the hallway. Dorian likes to sleep in between us on top of the comforter for a few hours every night. He's also been attacking my feet when I'm sleeping which is something Mona never did. It's fun to see how their personalities differ. I usually wake up at random times in the night (3am, 5am) and see him sitting on the windowsill looking outside. He's happy and he gives Mona some exercise and play time when we are busy. One of my main concerns was how Mona would react to a new cat in the apartment and she's really impressed me with how indifferent she was. Sure at first she hissed and tried to hit him, but as she got used to his smell and him being in the next room over, she learned to accept it. We are very happy with adopting this little guy. He fits in perfectly with us. I'm actually typing this in bed and both cats are sleeping next to me. 


Dorian relaxing.JPG