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Columbus, OH, 43205

"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


Echinacea season.

Angie P


One of the few reasons to love summer: echinaceas! I post these every year and I'm sure those who have followed me for a while are sick of these photos...but I just love these flowers. What are your favorite flowers?

Franklin Park Conservatory

Angie P

FPC 2017:

New camera:


Sony a6000.

We recently purchased a year membership to the Franklin Park Conservatory because we live a block away now and there's always something going on such as plant sales, farmer's markets, events, exhibitions (such as the topiaries in this post) and a room full of butterflies. 

I sold my Canon 7D with accessories because it was just too big for me to lug around. I'm not a professional photographer but I do like to take photos when I'm out and about. Having such a big camera made me not want to take it with me and I missed many opportunities to snap a picture. I wanted something that would take crisp photos, was mirrorless, and was a decent price to start out with. If I enjoy this system I'll save up for something better. I even purchased an adaptor to use my canon lenses. The verdict? I'm pleased with this little lightweight camera. It gets the job done for me.

More soon because I'll actually be snapping photos.