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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


I'm a terrible blogger.

Angie P

Man, I really thought I'd blog regularly when I got out of school and had four days off a week, but I haven't been! Things are going well and I've settled into my nursing career nicely; I love the unit I work on, the people I work with, and working with youth-adolescents. I love my new-ish apartment (we moved in June). We took a vacation recently to Los Angeles and saw Tim & Eric and stayed in a cute airbnb in Silver Lake. Oh, I also got a new car! I never thought the day would come but I finally walked into a dealership and bought a car. 

 2015 Honda Fit--a big upgrade from the 2002 Honda Accord I was driving, lol.

2015 Honda Fit--a big upgrade from the 2002 Honda Accord I was driving, lol.

Now that it's September, things are slowing down and I don't really have much plans other than to work and hopefully save up for an Icelandic adventure next year. Ryan and I joined a gym and have actually stayed consistent with it. The goal is to continue with the gym for as long as possible because I truly do feel better after going and I can't wait to see results. I want to be stronger and let me tell you, working in mental health, you need all-day stamina. Also, my friend is getting married next year and she asked me to be a bridesmaid so wearing a dress and being photographed is motivation to get fit.

I'm toying around the idea of writing a book about my first year or two of nursing because already, since March, I've seen and experienced so much. My (hypothetical) chapter alone on bath salts would make the book worth reading. 

I'll leave this post with some photos from this summer.

My office space.

Angie P

Ughhhh Home Office :

Since moving, I've made decorating and setting up my office space a priority. It's not perfect but it's much better than my last space and there's so much more light. I made my own desk with a piece of wood Ryan gave me and hairpin legs from a local steel worker; it came out better than I hoped for and it is extremely sturdy. 

I didn't really buy anything new-- it just looks better with in a brighter space and hardwood floors. I did clean up and hang a painting my mom did in high school (top right of image) and I enjoy having it in view. I feel much more inspired in this space and I hope I can create some good things here.