I won a pair of Yeezys! by Angie P

I entered a raffle on Black Friday as I have been doing often this year in attempt of winning a pair of Yeezys. I really did not think I'd win but I checked my email after I got off work at 11:30pm on Saturday and I was a winner! The email said to reply by midnight so I got to it just in time! Can you imagine if I didn't look at my email?

I picked them up at 4pm on Saturday and they unfortunately are a 1/2 size too big. I have decided to sell them on eBay and get another pair. 

They are so comfortable though and I personally love everything about them--the wideness of the toe area and the ribbed rubber soles that covers the Boost foam. 

lafinduglobe: yeezy copper v.2

Hiatus until 2017. by Angie P

Or maybe Christmas break. 

I'm in the last few months of nursing school and things are crazy busy. 

I really look forward to the day where I'm working and have time off for ME. Time to pursue art and photography and blogging. 

Bookmark me and check back in 2017?