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"I wish it were fin du globe," said Dorian with a sigh. "Life is a great disappointment."


+/- March 2017

Angie P

Hello Spring :

March flew by in the best way possible. The weather finally warmed up and I started my new career.

+ I attended two weeks of Launch and began twelve-hour shifts with my preceptor on my unit. I am doing really well and actually feel like a nurse now. I have twelve weeks with my preceptor and next month begins week 3. 

+  I earned two good paychecks and the next one will be for the full 72 hours that I will get used to earning. Needless to say, these are the largest paychecks I've ever earned.

+ Season 9 of Ru-Paul's Drag Race began and I am enjoying it as usual. 

+ I started to casually watch Bates Motel on Netflix and I'm liking it.

+ I am considering re-reading The Dark Tower series by Stephen King and Ryan finally seems interested to join. I've been bugging him to read them since we met! 

+ I've started another attempt at Bullet Journaling and it's going well. I haven't shared my pages yet because it's very un-traditional. I have a monthly page and a task page but after that, I don't need to plan my days. So instead, I am tracking my work progress, the types of diagnoses I see, and various other collections such as trip planning. 

+ I am selling my Canon EOS 7D with it's battery grip and lens if anyone is interested. I am moving on to mirrorless for portability. I'm not a photographer and while I do consider myself good at taking photos, I don't need heavy equipment. 

- Finding a new place to live is frustrating and seems like it will take longer than I thought. I really want to find something before summer is over. I can't bear another winter in this apartment. We are looking at both rentable and purchasable properties. 

- The hunt for a new (to me) car is also exhausting. For the longest time I was set on a Jeep Wrangler but they might be too much money for the time being. I am now considering a Honda Fit with all the bells and whistles because I really think I could benefit from a back camera, for example. They are cheaper and I feel like I'd have more control driving it compared to a large Jeep.

+/- February 2017

Angie P

Mona and Dorian anxiously awaiting sunshine and spring-like weather.

Mona and Dorian anxiously awaiting sunshine and spring-like weather.

Whoa, I haven't done one of these posts in a long time. Now that I am done with school I plan on revamping this blog and using it regularly. 

+ I graduated nursing school and received my BSN on February 3rd. This was the longest, most challenging, and most frustrating thirteen months of my life. 

+ I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions! I am now officially licensed and can begin my RN career. I took the exam on 2/23 and received my results by email on 2/24. Many people waited 48+ hours for their results so I am lucky to have only waited a little over 24 hours.

+ I saw the film Get Out! and it was fantastic! I saw it the evening of the day I took my NCLEX to take my mind off the possibility of failing and it was a great escape. 

+ I got a new MacBook Pro and I am really loving it. My other computer, from 2011, was really slowing down but I am glad it lasted throughout nursing school. I plan on selling it for a few hundred bucks. I was interested in the 2017 MacBooks but with the lack of USB ports and inability to get inside should something go wrong--it made me nervous. I opted for a 15" 2015 version. 

+ I am slowly "re-branding" this blog to I wish I had a wonderful explanation for why I chose it but I don't...I just say ugh a lot and it just fits my personality. 

+ I'm really happy to get back to reading for pleasure and updating the book review portion of this blog. 

- My office is a mess and I need to clean it so I can have a space to blog, make art, and relax. 

- I need to work out.